Race: Elf

Class: Ranger

Level: 4

What is the name of the city/town/village/hamlet/area your character is from?

Whispering Woods

How far away is this place from the starting town (can be general, near/far, or specific, 50 miles north, 1000 miles across the sea, you are from this town, etc)

About 2 weeks south of town, near the White Spring River.

What brought your character here (to Battenberg)

There seems to be an evil presence in the woods that is slowly killing the forest. A dark taint runs through the river so I followed the river north to see if I could discover the origins, and stop it from destroying my home. The river joined several other branches of streams and rivers and eventually led me to this town.

What are your parents names?

Like all Elves from my home, we are named by the color of the sky when we were born, and the first animal we gazed upon. This animal becomes our sacred guardian, it’s spirit watching over us and giving us strength in times of distress. My father, Grey Owl and my mother, Yellow Squirrel, have both fallen ill to the sickness spreading through our woods.

What are your parents professions?

My father is an Elder, teacher of the old ways and protector of nature. Mother is a clothier. You shall find none better leather clothing than that which came from my mother’s hands.

Are your parents here in town, elsewhere, dead, unknown?

They are still in Whispering Woods, awaiting news of my return and hopefully a cure.

How many brothers/sisters do you have? Names if you want to provide them.

I am an only child. I was recently to have a younger brother, but he was stillborn, most likely a cause of the evil flowing through our forest.

How old are you and your siblings?

I am 35 (at least that’s what I believe it says on my character sheet)

Are they still alive? Where are they?

Are you married/divorced/involved?

I have yet to find my ideal mate. Sure, my mother always wanted me to settle down and wed Pink Butterfly, my childhood friend, and maybe someday I will. Sure, she’s beautiful, and I know she would have me if I so asked, but my heart yet yearns for adventure and glory. I’m not ready to settle down and join the elders in their history lessons yet. I want to make my own history first, and perhaps become one of the legends my father speaks of in his stories.

Do you have any children? (If so, how many, age, where are they, names)


What deity do you worship? (this is usually obvious for clerics, but not so for other classes)

Melora, goddess of the wilderness and the sea. She is both the wild beast and the peaceful forest, the raging whirlpool and the quiet desert.

What attracted your character towards this deity?

Melora teaches us to protect the wild places of the world from destruction and overuse. Hunt aberrant monsters and other abominations of nature, and to live in harmony with the wild. My people have always been one with nature and respect what she can offer us. The forests offer us life and protection, so we must also protect the forest, for all of our sakes.

Are you devout?

While some followers of Melora have gotten a bad reputation for being haters of humankind (and dwarven) as they destroy our forests without regard for the consequences, solely for the purpose of progress, I believe that we can all get along, but feel that if mankind has a need to destroy our forests, then they should at least make an effort to regrow it elsewhere, and replace what it destroyed. The forests (and seas) are the givers of life, and without them, all life will cease to exist.

Who trained you in your current class? (name of your master and anything special about that person)

The group of Elders provide training for all Whispering Woods elves who come of age. Before that, we are all trained how to make our own bows by the age of 5. The bow is an extension of our body, and also an extension of the forest as well. A properly carved bow, crafted from one of the oldest, wisest trees in the forest can last an elf a lifetime, and protect him in his travels. Once the bow has been crafted, we elves are trained to become expert trackers and hunters, using our keen eyesight to spot signs of movement that mere men would deem impossible.

Any goals your character might have.

Currently seeking the cause (and cure) for the evil darkness flowing through our forest via the White Spring River. Possibly a little fame as well.

Does your character have any known enemies? If so, please describe.

There are many abominations in the world these days, though none disturb me so much as those damn orcs. Cursed beings are those, and if they were all to drop dead this day it could not be soon enough.

Does your character have any friends outside the party? If so, please describe.

Only my childhood friend Pink Butterfly.

Is your character part of any organizations besides the party? If so, what is its goals, size, leadership, etc?


Does your character have any hobbies?

I am a self-proclaimed expert whittler. Being one with the forest means that even long dead branches on the forest floor can be given new life with a few simple cuts from a sharp blade. Though not of much worth, my wood carvings give me peace and an enjoyement that no living companion can.

Personality quirks?

Somewhat of a loner, I actually prefer the quite of the night woods versus the companionship of others. Though this is starting to change, as I’m becoming used to having travelling companions, even if they are loud and obnoxious. At least a couple of them know how to enjoy a nice cup of ale to ease the days woes.


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