Race: Dwarf

Class: Fighter

Level: 3

Patron Deity:


Reason for adventuring:

Other Characters known, and why: Brigg

Something interesting about this character (e.g. hobbies, habits, favorite drink):


I have always called the mountains my home. We dwarves excel at mining the the world’s mountains and canyons for rocks, metals and gems and fashioning fantastic treasures from them. No other race can so naturally do so. Our small mining village Copper Creek, nestled up within the crags of Greenhilt Mountain is one of the best. Entire cities and fantastic machines have been built from the resources we dwarves harvest and the brilliant minds of our engineers.

I’ve lived in Copper Creek since I was a wee lass. My great, great grandmother, Princess Pearl traveled here with her husband many, many moons ago. She escaped a stuffy royal lifestyle and an oppressive mother who was the queen of the kingdom. Can you believe they didn’t allow her to work in the mines?! How terrible. Great, great grandma Pearl’s mother was a horrible dwarf. She ran her kingdom on human slaves. The humans were not allowed to flourish among the dwarven subjects.

Much has changed since Pearl’s childhood. My own mother named me after my great, great, great grandmother to celebrate that change. Though there is still some tension between the dwarven and human races, our village lives in harmony with the human city of Bryce at the foot of the mountains. Humans are employed to help transport weapons and armor we fashion down to the city below. Dwarves are employed to run the blacksmith shops and work at the taverns in the city.It has been this way since my childhood, and suits both races well.

My husband, Durrim (wolf spear) Gilzak (fire anvil) and I have raised a family of six children, five being boys and the youngest being a girl. All of my sons have grown into sturdy, strong young men with the fullest of beards. My eldest, Thrid, has taken on his father’s role of running the family business. The Gilzak family is known to make the finest armor, a perfect union of strength and beauty. Two of my other sons, Harthen and Dak, own and operate the best blacksmith shop in Copper Creek. The last two, Delgal and Farlond, are invaluable workers in the mines here.

Rehn, my daughter, has been enchanted by the lights of the city below and insists on working at the Leaky Stein. Her jewel work is impecable, so it frustrates me she wiles away her time serving weak ale to wandering travelers and mischevious minstrels. She is a strong-willed lass with a fiery temper when provoked. We have often argued over our difference in opinion regarding her lifestyle. She insists on shaving her beard! At times, I wonder if my Durrim and I have raised children that are to stubborn for their own well being.

My dear Durrim. It has been twenty years since I last saw my husband. I first met him when he traveled through Greenhilt Mountain with a band of adventurers. Soon after we met, he retired from his adventuring and we were married. Durrim continued to help with my father’s armor-making business in my place while I raised our children. The children, my parents and I loved to sit together in the evenings and listen to my husband’s fantastic stories of his travels.

Both of my parents eventually passed, may Moradin keep and watch over their souls. Since I was an only child, Durrim and I inherited my father’s business. After our children were grown, I returned to metalworking. Shortly thereafter, a stranger…an Eladrin…arrived in our village to meet with my husband. They met in private and the following morning Durrim informed me he had to leave because his shield and axe were needed once again. With heavy hearts, the chldren and I bade him farewell and wished for his safety and speedy return to us.


Rotkind Jleckron