Patron Deity:

Brigg was born and raised in the bustling city of Waterdeep. Cared for by a loving mother and father, he spent his early years learning the art of swordplay, as well as becoming an accomplished lute player. His upper class standing also allowed him access to royal libraries, filled with various spells and majicks. As time went on, Brigg became quite adept in his abilities. At the age of eighteen, he left home in search of his own destiny.

Reason for adventuring:
Over the years, Brigg’s cocky attitude has gotten him into a fair amount of trouble. Trouble, to Brigg, is what makes the adventure worth doing, whether it be by bluffing his way out or by the sword. That, and the world just needs to be explored.

Other Characters known, and why:
As punishment for an inappropriate (and incredibly drunken) advance on one of Eldeth’s more attractive daughters, Brigg has been forced to follow Eldeth around until he learns how to be a gentleman.

Something interesting about this character (e.g. hobbies, habits, favorite drink):
Unbeknownst to Eldeth, and anyone else for that matter, Brigg’s act on Eldeth’s aforementioned daughter, Rhen, was actually an improvised ruse. In actuality, the two are quite in love. Knowing that her mother would never approve of their being together, Rhen and Brigg had been meeting in secret at various establishments. On one such occasion, Eldeth followed her daughter to a pub on the outskirts of town. As Rhen entered, Brigg noticed she wasn’t alone. Acting quickly, he made fake drunken advances on Rhen to throw Eldeth off the trail, thinking him a random patron instead. Brigg never saw Rhen again after that evening. And though, on the outside, Brigg appears confident and outgoing, he’s actually terribly heartbroken.


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