The Town of Battenberg is located within a crook of the the Ague River. It grew up around the fortressess of Battenberg which were built to capitalize on the traffic along the river between the cities of Hawkspier and Sans Marche.


Located on a river between two major cities, the fortressess of Battenberg were created several hundred years ago, when local bandits realized that by fortifing the Ague River they could “tax” the barges moving between these two cities. Over the years, the rulers of teh fortresses, calling themselves “the Barons” repelled several attempts by the larger cities to “free” the Ague, and a community grew up in the land around them. The new town was named “Battenberg,” or “Battle Castle” due to the many conflicts of its founding.


It is ruled by the Barons. The Batternberg Watch, led by Samual V. Grey, is honest, but overstreached.

Life in Battenburg

Until recently, Battenburg has been a prosperous & mostly safe town. There is a thieves guild, but it was generally understood that they never took more than you could afford, and they served as a kind of “second watch” by keeping the criminal elements under control. Recently however, violence has errupted throughout the city, as a rival guild known only as “the Hand” has begun encrouching on Thieves Guild soil.


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