Friends, New and Old
The Party is split, and Battenberg hangs in the balance

Main Party

The party encountered a barbarian named Hogarth along the trail they had been following and had a lovely fight with some trolls and other beasties. Once the fight was over, Hogarth explained that he was searching for members of his tribe who had been brutally kidnapped, and the trail led him to this general area. The party decided that the kidnappers were probably the same cult they were searching for, and Hogarth joins the party. Further up the trail, the party found some cave entrances. After a little light scouting, they discovered these to be the cult’s hidden lair. They also overheard the cultists discuss how the last of the “sacrifices” will arrive soon. Plan B decided to invade caves and rescue the kidnapped prisoners before anything untoward can happen to them.


While the party traveled north into the mountains, Zigmund arranged a meeting with Monica Meyer, Plan B’s main contact in the local thieves guild. After explaining his plan and reasons for doing so, Monica decides that his goals align closely enough with hers to loan her support. To this end, she assigns Zigmund three retainers: Tiny, her goliath bodyguard, a jumpy little fellow simply called “Ty-Bop”, and a slicked back consilieri from Sans Marche named “Jaques DuBanane". Jaques helped Zigmund to acquire appropriate clothes and gave him advice on correct Sans Marche comportment, then the quartet entered Schloss Südliche to meet with Lady Graf. Lady Graf was less then pleased to find strangers wandering around her mansion, but willing enough to listen to Zigmunds proposition. After some further prevarication, he is able to get Graf to admit that she has an “arrangement” of some kind with a local criminal interest.

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