To the Dungeons!
In which our heroes kick cultist butt, and encounter some interesting puzzles

The party cautiously storms the tower, managing to ambush one cultist before Brigg blundered into the throne room, where the cult leader, Ash’track, was exhorting his minions to find something. Naturally a fight broke out, and after several setbacks (Woodrus is down again!), the party emerged triumphant. After searching the tower, Redbear discovers a secret door, which leads to a small room with a lever. Being an adventurers, the party pulls the lever, which causes the dias in the throne room to move, revealing a stairway leading into darkness.

Redbear takes point, and the party decends into the darkness… There are the dust covered remains of a bedroom or study. The frame is all that remains of what was once a large four poster bed. There is a wardrobe in one corner, an antique desk a about five feet away from it. Next to the stairwell is a large mirror. There is a caved in fireplace next to the bed. There is a door on the East wall.

Eldeth looks in the mirror, which shows the study as it once was. There are beautiful hangings on the walls, a fire in the fireplace, and a beautiful elven woman behind her, walking towards the door. When the Eldeth turns around, The scene stays as she saw it in the mirror. The woman leans against the door frame, and says in an archaic form of the common tounge;

“Don’t worry so! We will see each other again! I promise!” As she says this, the scene fades back to drab reality.

The party searches the desk, where they find an old, leather bound journal. It is written in old Elvish, and missing many pages. Most of the pages that do remain are damaged and smudged beyond legibility. What can be read is as follows;

”...So far, no success. I know that there must me a solution. I refuse to accept failure!”

“Have had some luck with life transference tec…. ....nfortunatly leaves the donor…”

”...effects not sustained. Must look elsewhere!”

The party leaves the study into a large laboratory. It is very large: about 50ft by 40ft. In the center is a 10’ by 10’ magic circle (Arcane DC 20: The circle is currently set up to aid in the channeling of life energies). At one end is a large table covered in dusty, broken pieces of glass which may have once been test tubes and beakers. Along the walls are eight large dust covered bell jars; one jar has a large crack, and another is smashed open completely. There are footprints in the dust leading away from the jar. Against the back wall is a large statue.

The jars are covered in dust. When Brigg wipes the dust away and looks into the jar, he sees a creature…. WHICH LOOKS BACK AT HIM.

In the Labs
A puzzling encounter

Zigmund attempts to contact the jar creature mentally, but finds it to be hostile. Redbear discovers a secret door which leads out to the dungeon – through an iron maiden. After squeezing through, with a few scrapes, Redbear scouts up ahead, where he has a vision of someone indicating that a chained figure is to be taken away. Once the vision clears, he sees a strange creature, (probably undead) apparently trying to communicate with a chained skeleton. The creature notices him, and attacks, along with two zombies that were lurking in the shadows. After a short and furious battle, in which Ulrich helps the undead creatures to “see the light”, the party continues to explore the dungeon. In the warden’s office, they find a mysterious note and a bar with a kind of octagonal crosspiece. Looking back into the laboratory, they see that the large statue or golem has disappeared, and that there is a large marble slab with a kind of summoning circle array on the wall behind them. The party quickly figured out the nature of the puzzle before them, and managed to open a portal to… where? Perhaps a cave?

The Trials

The Party entered the cave. Upon entering, the portal closed and they found themselves trapped with the large stone golem from the lab. The golem informed them that they had completed the first trial, which was a test of wits, and they had two more to complete. The second trial turned out to be a test of strength. Here the party had to fight the monsters from the jars in the lab. After beating them down, they had to face the final test. The final test was enigmatic; they received a vision of the final moments of the sorcerer who had ruled the tower. After the vision faded, the party found the gauntlet they were looking for discarded upon the ground. They party could sense that it was both very powerful and very evil. After some discussion and an attempt to destroy it, Brigg put it on, at which point the golem declared the test “complete” and re-opened the portal. Once through, Brigg discovered that he could not remove the gauntlet.

Back in Town

The party returned to the curio shop, where they informed Freidrich Spitz, the proprietor, of what happened. Spitz was frustrated and refused to pay them, since they couldn’t, in fact, deliver the gauntlet. As they left the shop, Redbear’s keen ears detected the sounds of an argument from within. He sneaked back in time to see Spitz get stabbed by an invisible assailant. The party burst back in and did battle with Dajani Trall, who tried to reclaim the gauntlet – mainly by attempting to kill Brigg. After it appeared that the fight was not going his way, Trall burst out a window and made a run for it. After seeing to Spitz’ health (and receiving a reward) they left to talk to Monika Meyer. Meyer informed them that she’d heard of Dijani before, and that she suspected him of being a fence for the rival thieves guild. When asked for further assistance, she told the party that she’d have to talk to her contacts in the guild; The party would have to wait until the next day to learn more from her. After a bought of carousing amongst the bars, the party stumbled home (literally, in Redbear’s case) to discover that Eldeth’s youngest daughter, [[:rhen] was waiting for them in their rooms. Rhen immediately warned them about a white dragon who was threatening their homeland if the party didn’t make itself seen immediately.

Party Crashers
But will the coach turn into a pumpkin at midnight?

The next morning, our heroes set out to learn more about the hand. After quizzing Freidrich Spitz with regards to who might know something about the gauntlet, the party leaves to speak with a new wizard in town who has been spending a lot of time in the library. The wizard turns out to be Zhu Zhu Pho, erstwhile team mate. Zhu examines the gauntlet and suggests that one way to remove the gauntlet might be to help it accomplish her goals. The party’s next stop is at Monika Meyer’s house. She informs them that Dajani Trall likely has two residences. One is mansion where he schmoozes the local rich & noble classes. The other is where he runs his fence & other shady dealings. The bad news is that Monika couldn’t find the location of the latter location; the good news is that the former mansion is well known, and she was able to secure two invitations to a fancy dress ball to take place that night. Everyone takes off to scope out the mansion, which is a large and luxurious building built into a hillside overlooking the river. While looking around, the guard captain takes notice of them. Thinking quickly, Ulrich informs him that his security is sadly lacking, and that the party could be put at his disposal for this purpose. Over lunch, security chief, who’s name turns out to be Captain Vilenus, interviews them, with Brigg acting as the party’s agent. Brigg convinces him to allow the party to work security that night on a trial basis, and they depart. At this point Zigmund & Brigg split off to look for costumes, and Zigmund manages to pull off a surprisingly attractive woman. The rest of the party goes to the castle to set up an appointment to see another wizard, Grumash. The security squad arrives early and is handed their assignments: Ulrich is assigned to the servant’s entrance, Woodrus to the front, and Eldeth to office. After a few hours, Zigmund & Brigg arrived, fully arrayed in costume. After a brief misstep, wherein Zigmund is identified as being some other than the person who’s name is on the invite (Lord and Lady Selachi), they are admitted, with the guard cheerfully assuming that Ziggy is Brigg’s mistress.


Well, here I am again, this time stuck in a warehouse with my traveling companions trying to find the cranky old dwarf’s daughter. Foolish girl went and got herself into trouble by being where she shouldn’t have been. Sure I probably should have told her to just wait in the room until we got back, but she looked so depressed just sitting there, and she should be old enough to take care of herself. At least there didn’t look to be any blood from the spot where she was dragged away from, I’m pretty sure she’s still alright (she better be, Eldeth looked quite pissed when I told her the news, and I fear there may be some bloodshed if we don’t find Rhen soon). I’m surprised we’ve made it this far to be honest. These buffoons are so loud a blind, deaf mute would know we were coming. “Let’s just bust down the main door, that’ll surprise them!”, fools…luckily at least one of them has the brains to try and be somewhat sneaky. That’d be my drinking buddy, Brigg (can’t handle his ale very well, but he’s got good intentions. Hopefully his affection for Rhen doesn’t cloud his judgment and get him in trouble before we can rescue her). He managed to sneak along the alleyway with me and helped me get on the roof unnoticed. There I was able to pick off my targets with ease and didn’t get too hurt in the process (though I suppose I could have fared even better had I not had a nice helping of ale at the ball and was too drunk to move out of the way of those fools with the sling shots). Anyway, we managed to clear the front area of this warehouse, and my companions are taking a short rest before we press on. Once rested myself, I will scout on ahead and see if I can see anything suspicious. If only this damn headache would go away. Damn cheap ale they were serving at that ballroom. They must have kept the good stuff for their guests, I hope so anyway, as the crap that I found in the kitchen tasted like 12 year old skunk piss. Good thing I always bring a little with me for times like this. Perhaps a little drink would help take the edge off. Gulp…ahh, that’s better. Time for a quick rest now….ZzzzZzzz

It wasn't the cloak

The party takes a short breather after finishing up in the warehouse and then heads out the back door to confront Dajani. After a difficult fight, involving invisibility, teleporting, and a large tapestry, the party is victorious, and locks a disrobed Danjani in the cage in which he had kept Wren. The party interrogates him, and learns that his contact at the Bell & Whistle is named Delita – a name from Zigmund’s past. Before they can get much more information from him, he laughs & disappears – proving that it wasn’t the cloak which let him teleport. The party discuss what to do next, and then search the warehouse, where they find several nice objects, including a talking spear named Shivli. Shivli was apparently once a white dragon before having her personality imprinted upon the spear. She reformed herself into a longsword in order to be more useful to the party.

Let me explain*
*No, there is too much; Let me sum up.

The party filled in Monica with what they learned. She was particularly interested in the ledger they found in the office at the warehouse. They also met with the half-orc mage named Edward Zug, who agreed to help them in exchange for some money. The party woke up the next morning to a bad hang-over and a mysterious note. The note asked them to find a certain helmet, and warns them not to wear it.
They went to the [[Bell & Whistle | Bell and Whistle Inn]], where they lay a trap for Dajani’s boss, Delita. At her meeting with Trall, he warned her of the party’s involvement, and she immediately exited the inn. The party pursued her, and finally catches her in a clearing along with a group of cultists who were transporting the very helm the party had been asked to find by the mysterious note-writer.
After soundly thrashing her, Delita melted into the ground. She is probably dead.

The party met up with Zhu in the woods, and very shortly thereafter were attacked by Ettercaps & Spiders. They survived and eventually triumphed.

Defeating the Dragon
T Minus 24 Hours...

We’ve finally made it to the city of Bryce, Rhen and Eldeth’s home town. Honestly, I never thought I’d be back here. Not after what happened between me and Rhen’s brother Delgal. Thankfully, despite what happened, he promised to keep my relationship with Rhen a secret. But I guess it doesn’t matter now. The cat’s out of the bag.

Anyway, the dragon; there’s a dragon in town. Big Momma. We killed its son, and now it’s taken Eldeth’s oldest. It’s most likely way beyond us. We’ve been trying to formulate a plan, but we’re having a difficult time of it. Some of us think we can trap the dragon in a mine cave-in. The dwarves, of course, aren’t too happy about that. Negotiating with it seems slim. Situation’s kind of hopeless. Though, I need to be confident for everyone else’s sake. We’ll prevail. We always have.

We have to.

Is this the end?

Tomorrow could be the last day of my life, so I am writing this journal with the hope that if for some reason we fail at defeating this dragon (yes, I said Dragon! This one has it out for us since we apparently killed her child….who knew?) then perhaps someone will find this and continue on my quest to discover what’s causing the sickness in my homeland. I really hope that our plan to subdue the beast by collapsing the roof on it will be enough to hold it so we can finish the job. It’s child whom we had slain was no spring chicken (though oddly enough it looked like a giant chicken) and took all of our skills in order to defeat it. I fear we are well overmatched in this battle, and will need to rely heavily on our wits in order to pull through this one.
Our plan is rather simple, lure the dragon into the entrance of the dwarven mines, then when she’s far enough in, ignite the explosives that the dwarves have set (and I double-checked, and a damn good thing I did too…greedy dwarf would’ve messed up the whole plan just to save some treasures he had in his room above the entrance) and hope that the weight of the rocks on top of the dragon are enough to subdue her. This will hopefully give us a chance to try and reason with the beast (resaon with a dragon, I can’t believe we’re even considering it…), and if not, at least daze it enough so that we can get our best shots in before it can attack us. This may sound odd to those of you who have not encountered one of these in their adventures, but I have come across a magical wafer that upon ingesting it fills me with a confidence and strength I never knew I had. It feels as though I cannot miss! I’m not entirely sure where it came from either. I simply awoke one day and there were two of them in my traveling pack. I wasn’t sure what they were at first, but something inside of me spoke to me and told me they were safe and that they were only to be used in the direst of situations. It’s almost as if they were gifts from Melora herself. Hopefully I won’t have to use it tomorrow, but I’ll have it ready in any case.
Well, I should get some rest, though I don’t feel much like resting. I don’t even feel like having a glass of ale to calm my nerves. If you are reading this journal, than we have failed.


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