An ancient military General and powerful wizard


General Allegre was a very capable and intelligent human military leader. In addition, he was also a very powerful mage and delved into dark arts, such as summoning evil demons and creating undead. The latter portion was brought on by the ailing condition of his Eladrin bride-to-be, Princess Anira, who was poisoned on their wedding day by a merchant trader named Pyrrus. Allegre replied by removing his soul.

Little is known about Allegre’s past. However, it is known that a dwarven doctor by the name of Kampthos was a close and person friend, and was considered a father figure. In addition, Allegre served many years with his second-in-command, Centurion Garibaldi, who died in an explosion created by Allegre’s final ritual which, in turn, killed Allegre and Princess Anira.


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