Well, here I am again, this time stuck in a warehouse with my traveling companions trying to find the cranky old dwarf’s daughter. Foolish girl went and got herself into trouble by being where she shouldn’t have been. Sure I probably should have told her to just wait in the room until we got back, but she looked so depressed just sitting there, and she should be old enough to take care of herself. At least there didn’t look to be any blood from the spot where she was dragged away from, I’m pretty sure she’s still alright (she better be, Eldeth looked quite pissed when I told her the news, and I fear there may be some bloodshed if we don’t find Rhen soon). I’m surprised we’ve made it this far to be honest. These buffoons are so loud a blind, deaf mute would know we were coming. “Let’s just bust down the main door, that’ll surprise them!”, fools…luckily at least one of them has the brains to try and be somewhat sneaky. That’d be my drinking buddy, Brigg (can’t handle his ale very well, but he’s got good intentions. Hopefully his affection for Rhen doesn’t cloud his judgment and get him in trouble before we can rescue her). He managed to sneak along the alleyway with me and helped me get on the roof unnoticed. There I was able to pick off my targets with ease and didn’t get too hurt in the process (though I suppose I could have fared even better had I not had a nice helping of ale at the ball and was too drunk to move out of the way of those fools with the sling shots). Anyway, we managed to clear the front area of this warehouse, and my companions are taking a short rest before we press on. Once rested myself, I will scout on ahead and see if I can see anything suspicious. If only this damn headache would go away. Damn cheap ale they were serving at that ballroom. They must have kept the good stuff for their guests, I hope so anyway, as the crap that I found in the kitchen tasted like 12 year old skunk piss. Good thing I always bring a little with me for times like this. Perhaps a little drink would help take the edge off. Gulp…ahh, that’s better. Time for a quick rest now….ZzzzZzzz


Jleckron cletusalphonse

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