The Trials

The Party entered the cave. Upon entering, the portal closed and they found themselves trapped with the large stone golem from the lab. The golem informed them that they had completed the first trial, which was a test of wits, and they had two more to complete. The second trial turned out to be a test of strength. Here the party had to fight the monsters from the jars in the lab. After beating them down, they had to face the final test. The final test was enigmatic; they received a vision of the final moments of the sorcerer who had ruled the tower. After the vision faded, the party found the gauntlet they were looking for discarded upon the ground. They party could sense that it was both very powerful and very evil. After some discussion and an attempt to destroy it, Brigg put it on, at which point the golem declared the test “complete” and re-opened the portal. Once through, Brigg discovered that he could not remove the gauntlet.


Jleckron Jleckron

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