The Slammer

Previously: the party wrapped up its adventure in the mine.. The party, upon returning home and collecting their rewards, eventually followed some leads to Freidrich Spitz, a (ahem) short human who owns a curiosity shop. Spitz asked the party to find a certain item from some ruins from deep within The Blight. The party has been asked to find a guantlet which is rumored to be located there somewhere. When pressed, Spitz admitted that he does not want the gauntlet for himself, but for a client. He did not reveal the name of his client.

To learn more about the ruins, the party visited the local temple, where Ulrich talked to a local priest of Kord. The priest, Torsten Achen referred him to the head priest in the temple, Callum Harris. Callum filled the party in on some of the background of the area. He also asked them to keep an eye out for a group of clerics that he had dispatched to the area upon hearing disturbing rumors of increased undead activity. His clerics are late reporting in and he is worried about them. Ulrich then went off with Torsten to get drunk and get in a fight in a sleazy dive down by the docks.


Jleckron Jleckron

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