It wasn't the cloak

The party takes a short breather after finishing up in the warehouse and then heads out the back door to confront Dajani. After a difficult fight, involving invisibility, teleporting, and a large tapestry, the party is victorious, and locks a disrobed Danjani in the cage in which he had kept Wren. The party interrogates him, and learns that his contact at the Bell & Whistle is named Delita – a name from Zigmund’s past. Before they can get much more information from him, he laughs & disappears – proving that it wasn’t the cloak which let him teleport. The party discuss what to do next, and then search the warehouse, where they find several nice objects, including a talking spear named Shivli. Shivli was apparently once a white dragon before having her personality imprinted upon the spear. She reformed herself into a longsword in order to be more useful to the party.


Jleckron Jleckron

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