Psychic Spelunking

What could possibly go wrong?

After returning home from the wilderness, the party finds that Edward Zug has left them a note asking them to get in touch at their next convenience. After spending a night on the town, during which the party learn that there have been several strange disappearances, they meet up with Zug.
Zug informs them that he has devised a way for the party to psychically enter the gauntlet, which might let them find out what’s going on inside the gauntlet. The ritual, which he calls the “Rite of Psychic Binding” involves having them tell each other a secret while handing around an extensible chain.
Inside the gauntlet, they find themselves in a vast library. After fumbling around for a while, the party manages to orient itself, and heads down the aisle marked “history” hoping to find some clues…



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