Let me explain*

*No, there is too much; Let me sum up.

The party filled in Monica with what they learned. She was particularly interested in the ledger they found in the office at the warehouse. They also met with the half-orc mage named Edward Zug, who agreed to help them in exchange for some money. The party woke up the next morning to a bad hang-over and a mysterious note. The note asked them to find a certain helmet, and warns them not to wear it.
They went to the [[Bell & Whistle | Bell and Whistle Inn]], where they lay a trap for Dajani’s boss, Delita. At her meeting with Trall, he warned her of the party’s involvement, and she immediately exited the inn. The party pursued her, and finally catches her in a clearing along with a group of cultists who were transporting the very helm the party had been asked to find by the mysterious note-writer.
After soundly thrashing her, Delita melted into the ground. She is probably dead.

The party met up with Zhu in the woods, and very shortly thereafter were attacked by Ettercaps & Spiders. They survived and eventually triumphed.



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