Is this the end?

Tomorrow could be the last day of my life, so I am writing this journal with the hope that if for some reason we fail at defeating this dragon (yes, I said Dragon! This one has it out for us since we apparently killed her child….who knew?) then perhaps someone will find this and continue on my quest to discover what’s causing the sickness in my homeland. I really hope that our plan to subdue the beast by collapsing the roof on it will be enough to hold it so we can finish the job. It’s child whom we had slain was no spring chicken (though oddly enough it looked like a giant chicken) and took all of our skills in order to defeat it. I fear we are well overmatched in this battle, and will need to rely heavily on our wits in order to pull through this one.
Our plan is rather simple, lure the dragon into the entrance of the dwarven mines, then when she’s far enough in, ignite the explosives that the dwarves have set (and I double-checked, and a damn good thing I did too…greedy dwarf would’ve messed up the whole plan just to save some treasures he had in his room above the entrance) and hope that the weight of the rocks on top of the dragon are enough to subdue her. This will hopefully give us a chance to try and reason with the beast (resaon with a dragon, I can’t believe we’re even considering it…), and if not, at least daze it enough so that we can get our best shots in before it can attack us. This may sound odd to those of you who have not encountered one of these in their adventures, but I have come across a magical wafer that upon ingesting it fills me with a confidence and strength I never knew I had. It feels as though I cannot miss! I’m not entirely sure where it came from either. I simply awoke one day and there were two of them in my traveling pack. I wasn’t sure what they were at first, but something inside of me spoke to me and told me they were safe and that they were only to be used in the direst of situations. It’s almost as if they were gifts from Melora herself. Hopefully I won’t have to use it tomorrow, but I’ll have it ready in any case.
Well, I should get some rest, though I don’t feel much like resting. I don’t even feel like having a glass of ale to calm my nerves. If you are reading this journal, than we have failed.


Jleckron cletusalphonse

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