Into the Blight

In which the party sets meets a new friend. Any many Skeletons

The party clears its name and is allowed to exit the city. Zhu leaves in order to research Verbrantum and the Hand. The party overhears a conversation at a bar discussing how the temple hired a mercinary to accompany an expidition into the blight. At the temple, the head priest confirms the rumor, and mentions that they had expected to hear back from the expidition by now. If the party is going there anyway, could they please check into it?

On the way to the tower, they come across a campsite in some disarray. There is a battle in progress as they rush to the scene. There are zombies fighting amongst the tents, and a line of skeletons approaching. During the battle, two of the surviving members of the temple expidition (for that is indeed what it is) die, but one of them gets right back up again as a Zombie!

Once the party defeats the undead, they introduce themselves to the last surviving member of the expition: a warlock mercinary named The Zoltar. The Zoltar offers to join the group.


Jleckron Jleckron

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