In the Labs

A puzzling encounter

Zigmund attempts to contact the jar creature mentally, but finds it to be hostile. Redbear discovers a secret door which leads out to the dungeon – through an iron maiden. After squeezing through, with a few scrapes, Redbear scouts up ahead, where he has a vision of someone indicating that a chained figure is to be taken away. Once the vision clears, he sees a strange creature, (probably undead) apparently trying to communicate with a chained skeleton. The creature notices him, and attacks, along with two zombies that were lurking in the shadows. After a short and furious battle, in which Ulrich helps the undead creatures to “see the light”, the party continues to explore the dungeon. In the warden’s office, they find a mysterious note and a bar with a kind of octagonal crosspiece. Looking back into the laboratory, they see that the large statue or golem has disappeared, and that there is a large marble slab with a kind of summoning circle array on the wall behind them. The party quickly figured out the nature of the puzzle before them, and managed to open a portal to… where? Perhaps a cave?


Jleckron Jleckron

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