Back in Town

The party returned to the curio shop, where they informed Freidrich Spitz, the proprietor, of what happened. Spitz was frustrated and refused to pay them, since they couldn’t, in fact, deliver the gauntlet. As they left the shop, Redbear’s keen ears detected the sounds of an argument from within. He sneaked back in time to see Spitz get stabbed by an invisible assailant. The party burst back in and did battle with Dajani Trall, who tried to reclaim the gauntlet – mainly by attempting to kill Brigg. After it appeared that the fight was not going his way, Trall burst out a window and made a run for it. After seeing to Spitz’ health (and receiving a reward) they left to talk to Monika Meyer. Meyer informed them that she’d heard of Dijani before, and that she suspected him of being a fence for the rival thieves guild. When asked for further assistance, she told the party that she’d have to talk to her contacts in the guild; The party would have to wait until the next day to learn more from her. After a bought of carousing amongst the bars, the party stumbled home (literally, in Redbear’s case) to discover that Eldeth’s youngest daughter, [[:rhen] was waiting for them in their rooms. Rhen immediately warned them about a white dragon who was threatening their homeland if the party didn’t make itself seen immediately.


Jleckron Jleckron

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